Hello friends,

My name is Miss MandiMason I appreciate you taking the time to take a look at my personal website. I hope to revisit my established friends. For the gents wanting to plan a first encounter, and experience the world of MandiMason I can't wait to meet you;-)!


I am an exclusive upscale provider of companionship to quality gentleman worldwide. As a woman of substance, beauty and intelligence, I exclusively accommodate discerning gentlemen who desire to spend quality time together with unsurpassed personal service. My services are not for everyone, but for a select few who have high standards and will accept nothing less than sincere companionship.

I'm regarded by my close friends as an extraordinary rare treasure within a sea of ordinary. As worldly and well traveled young lady. I have the ability to interrelate if given such occasions.  Much like fine champagne, the fun just begins once it's reached its peak and the cork is ready to be popped. There is no denying the magical effect this has on my gentlemen suitors.

I am uncomplicated, yet complicated, but that's not for you to discern. A chameleon by nature, I embrace being a confident woman with an elegant demeanor of sophistication, commingled with quick wit and a passion to live life to the fullest. I have a very lighthearted playful side to me and it serves as my reminder not to take life too seriously.